Learn more about our Klondike hotel in
Whitehorse through the imagery below

Present Day Exterior and still here better than ever!

Welcome to one of the oldest, most historic authentic hotels in all of Whitehorse. Loved by the locals. 

The original building being moved off the old site to present day location in 1943.

The ’98 Ballroom – October 17, 1943 opened as a dance hall and cantine for military personnel during World War II.

1957 – Now a hotel

1971 – When present owners bought it

1985 – First face lift, now still here and still going strong!

The Lobby speaks for itself

The lobby features a montage of photos from the early days to the present day.

The Lounge

Archival Photos of The ‘98

The Rooms

the Angler

the Hunter

the Dancer

the Prospector

the Barmaid

the kitchenette