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To Whitehorse, Yukon – Don’t Miss Out On Outdoor Adventures

The Yukon is predominantly wilderness. The territory is 482,443 km², with approximately 36,000 permanent residents. (The moose outnumber the people almost two to one.) Yukoners are generally friendly and hospitable. This land can be inhospitable at times; and in the old days, people came to rely on one another for survival. With modern conveniences, roads, heating options etc., it is much easier to live in the Yukon now; but the hospitable mindset still thrives.

As well as being a wilderness Mecca, the Yukon also has a strong arts and culture scene. Museums, live entertainment, art, shopping, and best of all, stimulating conversations with “the colourful five per cent” which is more like the “colourful 90 per cent” in the Yukon.

Your best bet for having a memorable experience in the Yukon is to keep an open mind, say “yes” to adventure and to keep your eyes open. You never know what you’re going to see here! 

Getting to the Yukon

Whenever possible, we suggest you fly to Whitehorse with Air North—Yukon’s Airline. Air North has excellent customer service from booking to landing, comparable or lower rates, a great baggage policy, and free light meals!

Getting Around Whitehorse and Area

Renting a vehicle is the way to go if this option is available to you. There are many things to do and see in the Yukon, and it’s a big territory! The Department of Highways keeps the roads in good condition.

There is free parking available all along the street in front of the The ’98 Hotel.

If renting vehicle is not an option for you, there are taxi companies for shorter trips, and tour companies for day trips.

What to do in
Whitehorse & Area

There is so much to do in Whitehorse and the surrounding Yukon Territory! You have many outdoor activities to choose from all year round. Plus, Whitehorse has fantastic shopping, museums, arts and live theatre.

Call the Whitehorse Visitor Information Centre at 1-800-661-0494 with your questions about things to do in Whitehorse and surrounding area.

What to wear in the Yukon

In the winter, think layers and wool. Start with warm long johns, and layer up. That way you can shed a few layers as the temperature changes. Bring a warm winter jacket, winter boots, warm socks, winter gloves or mitts, warm scarf that is long enough to cover your face if necessary, and a warm hat. You might also want your slippers. An example of temperature fluctuations—in January, the temperature can be anywhere from 3C˚ to -45C˚.

From May to August pack for rain and heat. Remember your sunglasses and hats. It is very sunny in the Yukon. Bring comfortable walking shoes and wicking socks so you can spend the day hiking or exploring downtown. You might also want your slippers.

Outer Clothing Rentals

You can rent winter clothing at:

MW Outfitters. 38F Lewes Blvd. Email: Tel: 867-667-2817.

The Base. 508 Main Street. Tel: 867-334-3282.